Foundation’s 2014 tour of Truth or Consequences will feature historic architecture and community

For 27 years, the Annual Architectural Tour has been our main event. Each tour has enacted our mission to stimulate public understanding and appreciation of New Mexico’s architecture.

The Foundation’s tours have always been about bringing together people interested in our built environment – both non-architects and architects enjoy a day’s worth of New Mexico specific works,” said John Briscoe, the Foundation’s chief tour planner.

Briscoe added: “The tours typically have much greater implications for understanding our time and place than just the day’s focus.”

2014 Architectural Tour: Truth or Consequences

This year’s tour, scheduled for October 25, will explore the “Historic Architecture and Community” of Truth or Consequences. Local tour leaders will showcase how this small town in south-central New Mexico has built community identity on two main pillars – buildings and natural features.

Participants will tour the historic Bathhouse District and visit the Lee Bell Center, the library and school, and the Elephant Butte Dam. In addition, this year will include a panel discussion about what it takes to create and maintain a viable small town.

View the complete 2014 tour agenda & registration information

Past Tours Listing
Past Tours Listing

“Whether its Mid-Century Modern Buildings in downtown Albuquerque or historic architecture of the Puebloans, each tour fosters a new conversation about how architecture goes beyond the design and construction of buildings and is more of a reflection of its people,” observed Briscoe.

After registering for the 2014 tour, read more about some of the Foundation’s past tours:





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