Nomination Guidelines

The nomination period for the 2020 Annual Architecture + Community Awards Program opens March 1. These awards honor architecture and community; nominations are open to all and we invite NMAF members and interested parties to suggest projects and/or people to be considered for recognition.

The deadline for nominations is now Monday, April 15 and will be considered by a panel of AIA Fellows and other architects that we will entrust to select the best candidates in each category. Awards will be announced in May.


3 categories for recognition: 

  1. Important historic buildings or sites that have had a lasting effect upon bringing together our community.
    We are seeking projects that have brought a community together in a lasting way. Possibilities for consideration might include historic churches, public spaces, town squares, theaters, or libraries.
  2. Newer buildings or sites completed in the last 50 years (1969 or newer) that have made our community stronger.
    We are interested in learning about projects that have been planned and designed to draw the community. Possibilities for consideration might include a community center, a public library, museum, or park.
  3. Devoted individuals or groups who have made a significant effort in spreading public understanding and appreciation of architecture in their community.
    This category is for individuals or groups who are devoted to maintaining and preserving a community’s architectural traditions.

Nominations require a with a maximum two-page description and at least three photos to The photos and write-ups of the winners will be used on the NMAF website.

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