Architectural Feature: St. Augustine Church

Last year’s Architectural Tour of Isleta Pueblo provided participants with a close-up look and educational lecture by contractor Ed Crocker on the recent renovation of the 400-year-old St. Augustine Church.

Under the original name of St. Anthony, the church was established in 1613. It is one of the oldest mission churches in the United States. In 1692, De Vargas found its ruins except for the nave of the church, twelve years after the Pueblo Indian Revolt. The adobe walls are original, upon which the church was rebuilt in 1716 and renamed St. Augustine after the patron saint of the pueblo.

Community members at the Pueblo of Isleta formed a restoration committee in 2004. Seven years later on August 11, 2011, St. Augustine Church was reopened and rededicated.

On Nov. 1, 2013, the National Trust for Historic Preservation awarded the Pueblo of Isleta a Preservation Honor Award. For their part in the project’s success, co-recipients were Crocker Ltd., Neil Carter Associates (Project Manager), and the St. Augustine Church Restoration Committee.

Read more about the St. Augustine’s restoration and its award-winning efforts at





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