We are part of a beautiful community … The Land of Enchantment

We are looking to make the 2020 Architecture + Community Awards even more special this year. We hope you’ll take some time to escape from the current state of affairs to reflect on some of our state’s unique architectural treasures. On March 1, we opened the award nominations. In just one month, a lot changed. With the developments of the COVID-19 public health emergency, this special award program takes on a deeper meaning and provides an opportunity to recognize the great things that surround us.

During the 4th Annual NMAF Awards Program honoring architecture and community, we want to hear from you about New Mexico’s special buildings, sites, and people. Nominations are open and we invite members and interested parties to suggest projects and/or people to be considered for recognition. 

Here are a few reasons you should submit an award nomination:
  1. Gets you outside to admire our enchanting architecture – In preparing your nomination, visit the building and take a few snapshots to include with your write-up.
  2. Keeps the kids busy and helps them learn about architecture and design – This is a fun assignment students of all ages can help research … and you just might learn new things from their points of view.
  3. Helps you further appreciate what makes our state enchanting – Award nominations are all about the positive impacts that architecture has on our community and we want to hear from you!

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, April 15 to architecturenm@gmail.com with a maximum two-page description and at least three photos. Previous entries can be resubmitted.


Categories for Recognition: 
Important historic buildings or sites that have had a lasting effect upon bringing together our community. 
Newer buildings or sites completed in the last 50 years (1970 or newer) that have made our community stronger. 
Devoted individuals or groups who have made a significant effort in spreading public understanding and appreciation of architecture in their community.
View winners from the previous there years:
2019 Honorees  |   2018 Honorees  |  2017 Honorees





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