In Praise of Old Hotels — Route 66

Stop off at one of those old tourist courts away from the interstate on Historic Route 66.

Brick and Stone: Architecture and Preservation

ROUTE 66 — THE MOTHER ROAD (Part 7 of a series)

mother roadThere is nothing quite like it — an east-west highway running 2,400 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles…or actually Santa Monica.  America’s own Silk Road connects the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean and laces together a bazillion points along the way. The iconic highway existed in a variety of different local configurations for over fifty years until it was finally replaced by the interstate highway system.

If you want to find it today, look for the “Historic Route 66” signs and the relics of once thriving roadside businesses, like Lucille’s gas station and tourist court near Hydro, Oklahoma. Lucille’s is one of the many places that have been at least partially preserved along the old highway. Some places are tourist icons while others are living on in a second or third life long after the highway surrendered to…

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