The Castañeda Hotel, the first of the Harvey House hotels, is ready for a makeover

Photos courtesy of Castaneda Hotel

Excerpts from the Albuquerque Journal article published 4/21/14.

It has stood forlorn and mostly empty alongside the railroad tracks in Las Vegas for decades – a throwback to when train travel opened up Southwest tourism. Now the Castañeda Hotel, done in Mission Revival style as the first gem of the Harvey House chain, is ready for a makeover.

Allan Affeldt will try to repeat in Las Vegas what he did in the 1990s when he and his wife helped save the then-decrepit La Posada hotel in Winslow, Ariz. That was another of the Harvey House gems that dotted New Mexico, Arizona and California to serve train travelers. In New Mexico, in addition to La Castañeda, Fred Harvey hotels included La Fonda in Santa Fe and the no longer existing Alvarado in Albuquerque.

Affeldt said the hotel’s rooms will be enlarged and since most did not have individual bathrooms, those will be added. The old Castañeda had 40 some rooms while the new one, some version of which could be open in 2015, will have about 25.

Other news:

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3 responses to “The Castañeda Hotel, the first of the Harvey House hotels, is ready for a makeover”

  1. T Wolfe Avatar
    T Wolfe

    Amazing building. Thank you for saving it from ruin or tear down. I wish you great success and prosperity.

  2. dia Avatar

    Preservation of old hotels an art with passion for beautiful architecture. I am from las vegas, my grandfather’s ranch was in buena vista.

  3. klh048 Avatar

    NBC’s ‘Midnight Texas’ premiered on July 24th. If you watch closely you will see glimpses of the Castañeda Hotel which serves as the filming site. The church is actually two boxcars with the church exterior built over them on the hotel grounds. The street scene in front of the hotel is also recognizable. NM’s film tax credits help with the cost of future preservation and restoration.

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