NMAF provides financial support to Architecture and Children Program

17-Student_design_project_in_process-ae784ce2e821a6bc818081d4339154efThe Architecture and Children program promotes interdisciplinary learning about architecture and design. The integrated curriculum uses math, science, history, art, and ecology as part of this long-running educational program.

By teaching children to visualize and become visually literate, instructors can help stimulate creative problem solving and learning how to think in an integrative way.

10-Students_learning_presentation_skillsWorkshop topics include:

  • Organizing Principles of Design
  • Understanding Schematic Drawing
  • Drawing Architectural Conventions
  • Programming, Plan View, Elevation, Two-Point Perspective
  • Model Building
  • Presentation Techniques and Skills
  • Landscape Design

ACIntroSchools that use the Architecture and Children workshops, receive a teachers’ guide book that helps students K-12+ to set up a design center, understand the organizing principles of design, the grammar and language of design, how to draw and make models, explore engineering, landscape design, architectural history and city planning.

The curriculum has been translated into Japanese and Spanish. NMAF’s grant will allow the Spanish curriculum to be published and offered in bi-lingual classrooms and workshops in New Mexico and beyond.

Learn more at architectureandchildren.com





2 responses to “NMAF provides financial support to Architecture and Children Program”

  1. Join us for the 2014 Annual Meeting on May 31 | New Mexico Architectural Foundation Avatar

    […] We’re strengthening the foundation of our foundation. Come be a part of helping us grow and do more to support architectural excellence and education in New Mexico. This year’s annual meeting will focus on how we can broaden outreach and about new initiatives, including our support of the Architecture and Children Program. […]

  2. Anne Taylor Avatar

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic..thank you, thank you, thank you.

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