La Luz


Address:  Loop One NM off Coors Blvd, NW, Albuquerque, NM
Date:  1969
Architect:  Antoine Predock
Contractor:  Varied by Phase
Architect: Master Site Plan and Units: Antoine Predock, FAIA
Architect of Units 8, 10, 12, 14: Barker-Bol, Architects, 1976
Contractor: ??? (Varied by Phase)
Visitation: Exterior only

The site is a sloping plane with breathtaking views of the Rio Grande Bosque and Sandia Mountains.  The 96 townhomes are collected at the west edge of the slope leaving an uninterrupted natural landscape between the homes and the Sandia views.  The design followed 3 intentions:  (1) Respect the site; (2) Separate people form cars; and (3) Cluster homes around plazas.  These intentions were realized by (1) allowing each unit to have a view to the east; using common walls, not side yards, and developing landscaped areas between rows of units; (2) Most garages are located at the site edges and below some units, keeping roads to a minimum; and (3) allowing for gathering places, plazas, of a variety of sizes for use by the residents.

Built in a number of phases, the houses are constructed primarily of adobe bricks with pre-cast concrete edge beams.  The curved forms of the patio walls and staggering of units suggest additive forms of Ancestral Pueblo construction.  Some have called this contemporary architecture “Neo-Regionalism.”


Learn More: Antoine Predock: “La Luz….was the first complete project that I did on my own.” Quoted in:    2000 Collins, Brad, Ed., Antoine Predock, Houses, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., New York, New York.  Pages 6; 14-29

Website addresses:  La Luz Townhouses in Albuquerque

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